We are so excited to introduce event reviews because, like everything these days, it is a great help to hear honest feedback from from other everyday people.  If you attend an event please take the time to review it so future attendees have a better idea of what to expect.  Your review will show up on all future occurrences, so even if it isn’t happening again for a year, next year’s visitors will be able to see you had a hard time finding parking or that you were able to bring your dog.  If you have pictures you are willing to share those would be much appreciated and can be included as well!

You can use these reviews to share tips or additional info for attendees such as “Arrive early, it gets crowded fast!” or “It has a lot of activities for little kids, but my teenagers got bored” etc.  You guys have done reviews before, you know how they work.

Please keep in mind when making reviews whether the events are paid or free, and who is sponsoring them, because of course large companies will have a lot more resources than the local mom’s club.  Rate them for what they are, or what they were advertised to be; if you paid $40 for a beer tasting and only got one sample you can complain a lot more than if it was free 🙂

My family has been busily visiting as many events as we could in the last year, so I will get the ball rolling with my own personal reviews, but I look forward to the time when the site is filled with multiple opinions, personal descriptions, and even thank you’s to the event organizers who put so much work into planning and executing fun for us to enjoy.

Please note also, if you have questions or quick comments on an event, post those at the bottom under the questions and comments section.  Others might know the answer, or I will try to find out from the event organizers and respond.

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