Please understand that this site is currently completely volunteer-run (post-full time job, husband, and kids) and dependent upon the information provided by the event coordinators.  Sometimes major updates or changes are made to an event just weeks or days before it is scheduled, and many local outdoors events are subject to weather.  Whenever possible I try to include the event coordinator’s website in the details; it is a very good idea to double check the information on their site before attending as it may have changed since the event was posted on MN Community Planner.

Many times descriptions are bare-bones on city and Chamber websites, so if you have more details, please comment on the event page or contact us with updates or corrections.  If you have attended an event in the past we would love to hear what you liked about it or some tips (when to arrive, where to park, etc) that might help this year’s attendees.

We are hoping to allow visitors submit events as well, but until that program gets moving, just contact us with event details and the website if you want it posted to the site.  Please note we are trying to focus on free community events, but we are also featuring paid events that are open to the public (or at least all residents of a specific city or county) and might bring people together. Some paid events we will try to include first are beer or wine tastings (since they are a personal favorite of mine) and organized fundraisers, like the Scott County Relay for Life.

We would love to see more local car shows, city festivals, County Fairs, events for kids, and anything off the beaten path that might not get exposure somewhere else.  Please help us improve this site and make it helpful for bringing your community together!

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