Waving the Amreican Flag at the Chanhassen 4th of July Parade

Hi everyone, I made this site in the hopes that it helps local residents find events to attend that are both fun and close to home.  When my husband and I had kids we started realizing how many events are put on in our area by local Chambers of Commerce, the city, and even businesses and organizations.  We were surprised by the number of times we just happened to be walking downtown or biking through a nearby city and accidentally came upon a town festival or other event.  We started taking advantage of these, visiting Farmer’s Markets, biking to Art Festivals or Beer and Wine Tastings, and bringing the kids to parades and holiday events.

Once we realized how much was going on in the community, we also realized how difficult it was to find the really local events, not just highly publicized events in Minneapolis and St. Paul, so hopefully this site will help you find out what is going on in your local community.  Since Most likely it will center around Carver County, Scott County, and other nearby towns for the time-being, but I hope to expand the areas with visitor help!  If you know of an event, please contact me to get it onto the site!

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